5 Habits For A Healthier Life in 2020

5 Habits For A Healthier Life in 2020

Our daily life consists of little habits. Whether we know they exist, they can be good or bad. Good habits help by building up our confidence, health, mind, and body, etc, whereas bad habits may ruin our health, and reputation, or annoy someone.

As the new year has just started, it’s a great time to replace bad habits with good ones. Here are 5 habits you should add to your new year’s resolution list, that will contribute to a healthier lifestyle in 2020.

1. A varied diet

Even though staying healthy and eating clean seems easy, a balanced diet is usually hard to achieve. It should include different types of nutrients. Almost every meal you have should contain minerals, carbs, fiber, proteins, and vitamins. Learn how to build a healthy meal, and toss away processed junk food.

As breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, you should never skip it. However, lunch and dinner are equally important so try committing to a 3-meals 2-snacks diet plan. And no, snacks don’t have to be unhealthy. There are healthy options as well, such as dried or fresh fruit, or dark chocolate.

2. Fix your sleep schedule

I’m sure most of us have that horrible habit of staying up late browsing Facebook or Instagram, regretting it in the morning only to stay up late that night again. As you probably can’t sleep in and get up later, going to bed earlier is the only option.

To get on a sleep schedule you’ll need to make gradual adjustments. Your schedule won’t fix overnight and the important thing is to stay consistent. Try skipping the snooze button in the morning. Even though waking up is part of the problem, a much bigger issue is going to bed early. Set an alarm 1 hour before you actually lay down. Let it be the trigger to your wind-down routine. Whether you need to take a shower or a reminder to turn off your PC and put down your phone, it’s a great way to start getting into a routine.

3. Don’t neglect your mental health

In the modern world, we’re all so busy we usually forget to maintain our mental health. Even though most of us can’t afford to relax every day, meditation, relaxation, and unwinding period in our daily routine is necessary. This isn’t a luxury, although it may seem like one. It’s an essential base for good health.

Relaxation doesn’t always have to include expensive massages and spas, as there are plenty of relaxing activities you can do in the comfort of your home. For example, a hot bubble bath and a warm cup of tea or cocoa are ideal to end your stressful day. Even playing your favorite music, or TV series is a great idea. It’s important to do what makes you happy.

4. Quit smoking and drinking

I’m sure you’re well aware that smoking and drinking are extremely bad for your health, but sometimes it’s just too hard to stop. If thinking about your internal organs, such as the lungs and liver, isn’t enough to resist the temptation, maybe you should try getting rid of those extremely bad habits step by step.

Understandably, it’s hard not to drink and smoke while you’re out in a club, but try going for healthier options. For example, instead of getting regular cigarettes, opt for a healthier option such as vape. There’s a wide variety of fresh-pressed e-liquids that will replace the smell of cigarette smoke with more pleasant ones. In addition to that, you can replace alcoholic drinks with juices or virgin cocktails. You’ll have as much fun, but you won’t wake up hungover with an upset stomach.

5. Physical activity

Last, but not least is physical activity. Most people are aware of the health benefits that come with physical activity. But a lot of people are not physically active in any way. Like most habits, you should introduce them to your life gradually.

For example, instead of driving or taking a taxi, consider walking or cycling to any destination within 5 km. Don’t be lazy to use the stairs instead of the elevator. It’s great cardio! In addition to that try doing easy exercises at home. You’ll feel so much better, physically and mentally.


As you can see, introducing healthy habits to your daily routines isn’t as hard as it seems. All you need to do is have a plan and stick to it. If your goal is to be healthier in 2020, following these steps is a great way to start.

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